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Advice column aficionados Han and Matt re-answer the greatest questions from other advice columns and podcasts as well as fielding new questions with a little help from their cats.

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Dec 11, 2017

Hannah and Matt tackle questions from some of their favorite advice sources from the week of December 3rd, 2017, and beyond, including:

  1. Ask Team Practical: "My Cousin’s Boyfriend Groped Me—Why Is Keeping Him off My Guest List My Problem?";
  2. Dear Prudence: "I Can't Comfort the Teen Who Killed My Cat";
  3. Ask a Manager: "A Colleague Is Hitting on Me and I Don’t Know How to Respond";
  4. r/relationships: "My (29f) sister (23f) ruined her credit and blames me";
  5. Tough Love: "How to Craft Your Life's Purpose and Stop Wasting Your Precious Time Here on Earth";
  6. Listener Rage Wanderlust: "How Can I Politely Tell Friends and Family To Stop Asking Me For Updates About My Job Search?";

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