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Advice column aficionados Han and Matt re-answer the greatest questions from other advice columns and podcasts as well as fielding new questions with a little help from their cats.

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Mar 7, 2018

In this week's Overflow episode, we continue spreading the love of Monday's episode by announcing the launch of our P.O. box, announcing a new place online for y'all to hang out and get together, and reading so many beautiful emails from our fellow Know-It-Alls. Your journey through the tunnel of love begins here:

  1. We have a P.O. Box now!
    • Han Malyn & Matt Albrecht
    • P.O. Box 730
    • New York, NY 10116
    • (Note: We're both vegetarian, Han is allergic to eggs, and Matt is allergic to almonds.)
  2. We have a Facebook group now!
  3. Listener The Heinous One: "Dogs Aren't Racist"
  4. Maxim: "This Is the Scientific Reason Why Some Dogs Are 'Racist'"
  5. Listener Talvir, Woodland Acrobat: "Give Yourselves More Credit"
  6. Listener Chaniko, Who Lights the Way on Parenting
  7. Even More Non-Cards Against Humanity Game Recommendations
  8. Judge John Hodgman: "Judge John Hodgman on Window Squirrels"
  9. Listener Empusaria the Devourer Has an Update and Follow-Up Questions
    • "So I was wondering if you have any advice or scripts for any of the following, about this manuscript in particular, but also unwanted 'gifts' in general."
      • 1) Turning down the thing if asked
      • 2) How to avoid accepting the thing when someone is trying to just hand it to you
      • 3) How to refuse/give the thing back if they've opted for just placing it somewhere in your home, then stating they've done so and that they really hope you'll like it, or if you've already failed at step 2
      • 4) Failing all that, how to not feel bad about never reading the manuscript/using the thing, and what to say when asked about it later
    • Use #FellowKnowItAll on Twitter to answer these questions! We'll retweet your answers for Empusaria.
  10. Preferred Way of Asking About Pronouns and Reply All Episode About Catfishing
  11. Listener Zelphyr, Saltborn Sovereign "In Defense of Sleep"
  12. Listener Vodashri, Ruler of the Rustglade Raceway: "Is It Rude to Critique a Fan Fiction Story You Received as a Gift?"

SOMEbody once told me the world is able to submit their favorite questions or questions they may have for the podcast to, anonymously at, or to for a Han-only written answer on What a concept! We could all use a little advice.


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