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Advice column aficionados Han and Matt re-answer the greatest questions from other advice columns and podcasts as well as fielding new questions with a little help from their cats.

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Oct 17, 2018

Han and Matt tackle questions from some of their favorite advice sources from the week of October 7th, 2018, and beyond, including:

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  2. Dear Prudence: "I Told My Partner About My Sexual Assault. He Told Me to 'Get Over It.'"
  3. Ask a Manager: "my office does Fat Friday — and I have an eating disorder"
  4. Social Q's: "Dating After #MeToo"
  5. Ask APW: "Am I Overcomplicating The Hell Out Of My Bridal Shower?"
  6. Miss Lonelyhearts: "Hubby has a sex buddy — and it's a man"
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  8. Listener Not Really Envious: "I don't get NRE and now it's a problem"
  9. Shoutout to Washington Post: "Self-proclaimed 'Old Coots' offer life advice at farmers market. Their slogan: 'It's Probably Bad Advice, But It's Free.'"
  10. Shoutout to Captain Awkward: "We decided to leave our abusive ex and move to another state, only she came with us and is living on our couch?"
  11. Shoutout to Savage Love: "Everything Gives You Cancer"
  12. Shoutout to Consequence of Sound: "Speedy Ortiz share new track DTMFA: Stream"
    • Adult Swim Singles Program: "DTMFA"
  13. Listener Update from Differently Gymtimidated
    • Reference: From Ep 89: "My Girlfriend Wants to Work Out Together; I Would Rather Keep Working Out Separately"
  14. Shoutout to Australia: "Polyamory, unicorns, demisexuality: Five takes on monogamy and its alternatives"
  15. The "WOMP It Up!" Podcast Now Has an Advice Section at the End
  16. The State of the World
  17. Sugar and Charm: "Apothic Dark Sangria Recipe"

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