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Sep 27, 2017

In today's overflowing of opinions, we cover three wedding-related questions that didn't quite fit into Monday's bridal party-themed episode:

  1. Ask APW: "My Future MIL Is Calling Me a "Practice Wife"";
  2. Dear Prudence: "Fiancé Worried My Genes Will Affect His Son's "Package"";
  3. And finally, Listener Grumpy asks:

I gave my fiancée a non-traditional custom designed Hawaiian Wedding Ring (aka: Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry) as an engagement ring earlier this year. It is basically a fancy scroll design on a metal band without a gemstone.

I've been designing and having my Jeweler create a unique Three-stone Diamond Ring with a diamond cushion around the main stone, and channel diamonds in the band.

My intention was to give her the new diamond ring on the day of our wedding; and let her be able to chose which ring she wants to wear depending on her activities (as each is to be worn by itself).

She claims the "diamond ring should be given to her now since it is usually a diamond engagement ring. She said I don't understand engagement etiquette.

I think since neither ring is the traditional two-piece engagement/wedding set; I prefer to wait until the day of our wedding to put this very fancy diamond ring on her finger.

I want to follow etiquette for non-traditional rings; but I'll be rammed if I can find anything on the subject!

What would you say the proper etiquette is in this situation?


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