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Advice column aficionados Han and Matt re-answer the greatest questions from other advice columns and podcasts as well as fielding new questions with a little help from their cats.

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Jan 17, 2018

We hosted Lindsay King-Miller of "Ask a Queer Chick" for the Monday episode and set the stage by answering "What is gender?" The follow-up builds off of that foundation with four Listener Questions on the topic of assigned gender, gender identity, and gender presentation:

  1. Listener Ekril, Esteemed Warden: "My Daughter Identifies as Queer. What does that mean?"
  2. Listener Jethra, Ethereal Shapeshifter: "How Do I Know For Sure Whether or Not I'm Gender Non-Binary?"
  3. Listener Kamila, Ascetic Seer: "Can I Identify as Gender Nonconforming if I Present Super Feminine?"
  4. Listener Minika, Tranquil Knight: "How Do I Come Out to My Family When I'm Ready and Not Because I'm Pressured During the Holidays?"

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