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Advice column aficionados Han and Matt re-answer the greatest questions from other advice columns and podcasts as well as fielding new questions with a little help from their cats.

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Mar 21, 2018

In this week's Overflow episode, we announce our Spring meetup, we make some corrections, we share some resources and laughs, update an old Reddit question, and SO MUCH MORE (seriously, look at all of those links)! Come play with us:

  1. Han and Matt Spring Meetup: Matt's Birthday Weekend Edition
  2. More Listeners Guessed the Musical We Hate In One Try
  3. Pomodoro Technique For Productiveness
  4. Correction and Resources for White Allies
  5. Dear Prudence's Daniel Mallory Ortberg's New Book and Digital Press Tour
  6. New Advice Column: Ask a Fuck Up on The Outline
  7. New-Ish Advice Column: Ask the Salty Waitress on The Takeout
  8. Listener Muzrona, Chieftain of the Garnet Clan Warns About Religious Discrimination
  9. Another Reason to Do Your Taxes RIGHT NOW
  10. Listener Zovoq, Lamia Ravager Has More Tips for Procrastinators
  11. Listener Sonnet Has an Update!
  12. Update to a Reddit Question Discussed in Episode #24
  13. Listener The Nameless One Is This Week's Points Earning Machine
  14. Listener Lady Margella III, Commander of the Thunderpearl Airship: "Anxiety Over Role-Playing (No, Not That Kind)"

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