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Advice column aficionados Han and Matt re-answer the greatest questions from other advice columns and podcasts as well as fielding new questions with a little help from their cats.

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Feb 27, 2019

Han and Matt tackle questions from some of their favorite advice sources from the week of February 17th, 2019, and beyond, including:

    • Washington, DC, Busboys and Poets on K Street
    • March 16th, 6 PM - 10 PM
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  2. Miss Lonelyhearts: "Does new girlfriend have eyes for hers or hims?"
  3. Listener Wants to be Supportive, but Doesn't Want to Offend: "How to respect someone's gender if you're not sure they're transgender"
  4. Listener Mary, Veiled Reckoner: "How Do You Keep the Germs From Spreading Around Your Polycule?"
  5. Listener Sabrina: "Can I Wear an Unethically Produced Shirt That Advocates for Equality Without Being a Hypocrite?"
  6. Listener The Raging Wendigo: "How Do I Get Past the Bitterness of My Abusive Ex Now That He's Suddenly Trying to Reconnect?"
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  8. Listener Dabrius the Decapitator: "My Depressed Dad Keeps Withdrawing From Everyone's Lives and I Don't Know What More I Can Do" Update
  9. Shoutout to Dear Wendy: "Women Discuss: Polyamory and Open Relationships"
  10. Shoutout to Gigi Engle on Men's Health: "The Ultimate Guide to Making an Open Relationship Work"
  11. Shoutout to Baggage Check: "How do I tell my sister that her beloved MLM is a scam??"
  12. Shoutout to Ask Dr. NerdLove: "How Can I Tell If Someone's Flirting With Me?"
  13. Shoutout to Ask a Manager: "we have twice-daily mandatory group therapy at work" Update
  14. Spark: "'Digisexuality' emerges as a new sexual identity"
  15. Listener Sasha Rowyintide, Arsonist of the Rugosa Clan Suggests: Pop Culture Trope Dissection!
  16. Advice Column Alert: "How to Get Fired" on Lifehacker
  17. Advice Column Alert: "The Moneyist" on Market Watch

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