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Advice column aficionados Han and Matt re-answer the greatest questions from other advice columns and podcasts as well as fielding new questions with a little help from their cats.

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Jul 25, 2018

Han and Matt tackle questions from some of their favorite advice sources from the week of July 15th, 2018, and beyond, including:

  1. Ask Dr. NerdLove: "Do I Need To Fire My Friend?"
  2. Savage Love: "Her Husband Demanded a Monogamous Commitment but Describes Their Marriage As Open"
  3. Savage Love: "Learning To Trust Again After a Monogamish Relationship Blows Up"
  4. Ask a Manager: "my child-free coworkers constantly complain about people with children"
  5. Dear Fuck-Up: "My boyfriend can't manage his 'anxiety'"
  6. Dear Abby: "Hurt Turns To Anger As Video Games Consume Boyfriend"
  7. SPONSOR: Podigy: The podcast editing service we partner proudly with!
  8. Listener Update from "When to Throw Out the Whole Sister?"
  9. Shoutout to Baggage Check: "I'm not happy with the way I look, so please stop asking me to be in your selfies"
  10. Shoutout to Captain Awkward: "Rule Explainer: Why We Don’t Diagnose People Through The Internet"
  11. Shoutout to Y'all Need Help: "How to be More Assertive (or When to Clap Back at Men)"
  12. Shoutout to Ask a Manager: "Should I organize an all-men beach weekend for my coworkers?"

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