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Advice column aficionados Han and Matt re-answer the greatest questions from other advice columns and podcasts as well as fielding new questions with a little help from their cats.

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Dec 26, 2018

Join hosts Han and Matt and advice guest hosts Alison Green (Ask a Manager) and Jennifer Peepas (Captain Awkward) rage / reminisce about the worst advice column humans of 2018 as voted on by the listeners.

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  2. Worst Coworker: "The Boss" in Ask a Manager's "My Dad Is Dating My Boss, and They Want Me to Go to Couples Therapy with Them"
  3. Worst Family Member: "The Father" in Dear Prudence's "My Husband Won't Stop Exposing Himself to Our Teenage Daughter"
  4. Worst Partner: "The Boyfriend" in r/relationships' "I[30] am having a mastectomy due to breast cancer and my boyfriend [29] of 4 years is having a hard time with my decision."
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  6. Worst Friend or Roommate: "The Best Friend" in Dear Prudence's "My Best Friend's Son Is Stalking My Daughter—and My Friend Calls It Puppy Love"
  7. Worst of the Rest: "The Moms" in Ask Amy's "Moms say teen girls are 'asking for it'"
  8. BONUS Good Human: "The Friend" in r/relationships' "My (26f) friend (25f) just dropped out of being a bridesmaid."

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